Artist: Unknown
Title: Kali

Eight handed (astabhuja) kali is seen seated. Her left leg is pendant and is placed on a recumbent figure. Her right leg is slantingly placed like what is noticed in case of Maharaja- lilasana. Her four left hands hold a noose (pasa), a bell (ghanta), a skull cup (kapala) and a shield (khataka) while her four right hands carry a lotus (kamala), a sword(khadga), a kettle drum (damaru) and raised top most hand holds something indistinct. She has flame like jata (matted locks) surrounding her face schematically. Her ornamentations include a disc with skull motif in front of the hair arrangements, has chakra kundalas, two demonic side teeth project out, wears valayas, keyuras, nupuras etc. She has a garland of rosaries (rudakshas). Her lower garment is made of animal hyde and she has a pair of young full breasts. She is sitting on a tall seat made of rocks, a few strands of loops hang from the seat.

Medium: Grey Granulite stone

Size: 74 * 125 cms
Execution Year: Ca. 14th Century AD
School: Vijayanagara
Accession Number: C- 25